SPEL SuDS Stormwater Management

The SuDS approach mimics natural drainage by incorporating different components designed to allow infiltration into the ground, provide storage on site and/or slow down (attenuate) flows of rainwater. SPEL’s stormwater management systems not only control the rainwater flow but can provide improvements in the water quality.

SPEL Stormwater attenuation tanks

The SPEL Storm-Brake attenuation tank is a two compartment unit with a weir overflow to storage. The first compartment incorporates the inlet and flow controller and, being small in capacity, quickly attains the head for optimum performance of the flow controller.

During storm conditions level will rise and pass over the weir into the storage compartment and as the storm abates and the level falls in the first chamber, non-return valves operate to allow the stored stormwater to pass back into the first chamber and through the flow controller.

The most common systems are on-line where the tank forms part of the drainage system with all flows passing through the tank or interconnected tanks. However, the SPEL Storm-Brake can also be designed for off-line attenuation.


  • SPEL Stormceptor ESR
  • SPEL Puraceptor ESR
  • SPEL Smartceptor
  • SPELFilter
  • SPEL Tankstor attenuation tanks
  • SPEL Storm-Brake attenuation systems
  • SPEL Storm-Brake/RainSave systems
  • SPEL Floating Treatment Wetlands


  • Tank shell designed in accordance with BS 4994/BS EN 976
  • Filament wound shells are lightweight, but have great strength and durability and carry a 25 year warranty
  • Life expectancy in excess of 50 years


  • Stormwater attenuation
  • Combined stormwater storage and attenuation
  • SPEL RainSave rainwater reservoirs
  • Urban areas
  • Impermeable areas of roofs
  • Roads
  • Car parks
  • Airports
  • Schools

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Tankstor® and Separator underground tank warranty

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