SPEL Package Pumping Stations

Offsitebuilt & tested
The way forward for the construction industry

SPEL package pumping stations incorporate all pumping equipment; pipework, valves, pedestals, guide rails factory fitted and tested – eliminating expensive sitework installing pumping equipment under difficult conditions.


  • Tank shell designed in accordance with BS 4994/BS EN 976
  • Filament wound shells are lightweight, but have great strength and durability and carry a 25 year warranty
  • Life expectancy in excess of 50 years
  • WRc approved


  • SPEL 24 Pump Station
  • SPEL Package Pumping Station with ‘integral’ valve chamber
  • H-Series (horizontal) package pumping stations, up to 300,000 litres capacity in one unit
  • V-Series (vertical) package pumping stations
  • ‘Xspel’ package pumping station, 300 Series

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Tankstor® and Separator underground tank warranty

We warrant our Tankstor® and Separator underground tank shells, if installed strictly in accordance with the company’s relevant installation procedure (TSII).


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