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Design & Manufacture

SPEL provide quality products and systems for the storage, attenuation, monitoring, treatment and utilisation of surface water. We are known for our high performance SPEL fuel/oil Separators that meet the stringent European standard BS EN 858 which are exported worldwide.

Tankage products, manufactured by advanced ‘state of the art’ filament winding and computerised/robotic machines are designed for many applications including package pumping stations, emergency spillage containment, sewage primary settlement treatment, fire sprinkler reservoirs, transformer oil containment, waste and oily water storage etc.

GRP tanks for chemical storage and process vessels in a wide range of capacities, for underground applications and above ground, horizontal and vertical.

For a quick overview, watch this 5 minute video introduction to SPEL:

Solutions & Products

SPEL Tankstor®

SPEL Accidental Spillage Containment Tanks

SPEL Tankstor® Underground Tanks – 4,000 litres

SPEL Tankstor® Underground Tanks – 300,000 litres

SPEL Tankstor® Underground Tanks – 300,000 litres

SPEL Septic/Primary Settlement Tanks

Pollution Monitoring & Control

SPEL Accidental Spillage Containment Tanks

SPEL Tankstor Aboveground Tanks – Vertical

SPEL Tankstor® Above Ground Tanks – Vertical

SPEL Tankstor Aboveground Tanks – Horizontal

SPEL Tankstor® Above Ground Tanks – Horizontal

SPEL Package Pumping Station

SPEL Package Pumping Station

Pollution Control

SPEL Fuel/Oil Separators – Stormceptor

SPEL Fuel/Oil Separators – Puraceptor

SPEL Fuel/Oil Separators – Puraceptor

Automatic Servicing of Separators

Automatic Servicing of Separators

Separator Alarms

Pollution Monitoring

SPEL Pollution Monitoring & Separate Containment Systems

Pollution Monitoring & Control

SPEL DrainGuard™

SPEL DrainGuard™ Systems

SuDs Stormwater Management

SPEL Stormceptor ESR Range – SuDS Compliant


SPEL StormBrake

SPEL RainSave – Rainwater Harvesting

SPEL RainSave® – Rainwater Harvesting

SPEL StormCheck

Double Skin Tanks

Double Skin Tanks



Leaks and spillages of oil and fuel are washed down drains every time it rains and, unless intercepted, find their way into water courses, polluting reservoirs and rivers. This can have a disastrous effect on plants and wildlife.

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