SPEL Separator + Econoskim:
Manual & Automatic

The SPEL Separator + Econoskim System is designed for large industrial sites, railway maintenance deports, refueling areas and fire training grounds where fuel is not only captured but transferred back to the supply tank for re-use. Manual and automatic systems are available.

Getting the mastery of pollution – and save money!

The ‘fully automatic’ system maintains the SPEL Separator at peak performance 24/7 and safeguards surface water outfalls from breaching consent levels. In addition the hydrocarbon pollutants are skimmed from the surface in the SPEL Separator and transferred to a SPEL containment tank.

The separated and contained fuel/oil has a value and can be sold or reused e.g. fire training grounds. This has resulted in cost savings of 90% over the traditional emptying method with actual savings of £10,000 per annum.

Specifying a separator? Consider the cost of maintenance first

With the increasing demand for large SPEL Stormceptor® by-pass separators, SPEL Puraceptor® full retention class 1 separators etc, to cater for catchment areas up to 30 hectares, the periodic emptying of pollutants and sludge can be extremely costly and therefore must be considered with a long term view.

Tank emptying contractors will often prefer to remove the entire contents of a large separator involving up to several thousand pounds a year in tankerage and administration costs.

With the SPEL Econoskim System the tank emptying contractor is only required to remove the liquid pollutants from the SPEL Tankstor containment tank. The light liquid pollutants have a minimum of water volume and therefore the emptying contractor’s disposal costs are dramatically reduced.

SPEL Econoskim – fully automatic light liquid skimming/containment system

The SPEL constant monitoring system detects the level of fuel/oil pollutants has reached the pre-determined volume, the skimmers are brought into operation, transferring these pollutants from the SPEL separator to the SPEL Tankstor containment tank.

When the transference of light liquid pollutants has been completed, the system automatically stops the skimming process and re-sets.


Over 50 systems have been installed at airports including fire training grounds, railway maintenance and fueling deports throughout the UK. They can be installed above ground or underground as it may suit site conditions best.

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Tankstor® and Separator underground tank warranty

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