SPEL Smartceptor

Hydrodynamic Vortex Separator
A Compact High Performance Stormwater Treatment System
SPEL Smartceptor - Hydrodynamic Vortex Separator Clarifier


The SPEL Smartceptor has been developed and extensively tested to the British Water Code of Practice: Assessment of the Manufactured Treatment Devices Designed to Treat Surface Water Runoff.

Important features

The important features of the Smartceptor are not only the high-performance silt removal (>56%) but good capture and retention of hydrocarbons that cannot be washed out in storm flows.

This performance has been made possible with the ‘clarifier pack’ which slows flow at the upper level inducing the drop out of finer silt particles and, at the same time acts as a plate type separator to coalesce finer hydrocarbon globules.

SPEL Smartceptor - Clarifier Pack


TSS capture and retention efficiency 56%

Hydrocarbons and other pollutants are mainly present during low rainfall events and are washed down with the ‘first flush’. The higher flows are relatively free of pollutants and at higher flow rates the SPEL Smartceptor has a by-pass facility to allow the peak storm flows to by-pass.

The Mitigation Index for the SPEL Smartceptor is calculated in accordance with the British Water ‘How to Guide’.

Certified Mitigation Index

Total Suspended Solids 0.56

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