SPEL Stormceptor ESR Range

Total SuDS Water Quality Treatment System


The new SPEL ESR Separator range is fully certified to the CIRIA SuDS Mitigation Index and has been tested by WRc to the British Water Code of Practice for Manufactured Treatment Devices. This unit is also compliant to the British and European Standard BS EN 858.


SPEL’s ESR range is a total treatment system removing hydrocarbons, silt (TSS) and particulate metals in compliance with the SuDS Mitigation Indices. It provides the most efficient surface water SuDS component all in a single, high-quality unit.

TSS 0.8
Metals 0.6
Hydrocarbons 0.9


Added to these class-leading Mitigation Indices, the ESR range benefits from:

  • British/European Standard BS EN 858-1 2002 certification
  • The SPEL 25 year shell Warranty
  • 50 year+ life expectancy
  • ISO9001 quality assurance

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