SPEL Stormceptor® Class 1 By-pass Separators

SPEL Stormceptors are designed for long term performance and with SPEL high volume coalescer units, low maintenance.

When you look into SPEL tanks you can see the difference

SPEL Stormceptors are the most widely used separators where it is acceptable to treat the ‘first flush’ ie. flows according to the nominal size (NSB) generated by rainfall rates of up to 6.5mm/hour. This covers most rainfall events in the UK. Any excess rainfall is by-passed without treatment.

The SPEL Stormceptor® by-pass separator is a well proven high quality factory made unit, designed and tested in accordance with the European Standard BS EN 858-1 and meets the requirements of the Environment Agency’s Pollution Prevention Guidelines PPG3 and the Construction Products Regulations.

SPEL Stormceptor by-pass separators are manufactured in class 1 and class 2 models and with or without silt capacity in accordance with BS EN 858-1.

Wide and comprehensive range from NSB 3 – 1000

  • All sizes and types of development have been catered for, including industrial development sites, hypermarkets and airports. Areas of up to 55 hectares can be covered with a single unit.
  • Class 2 available where applicable.
  • Nine different inlet/outlet orientations to suit site drainage layout.

Features & Range

  • The ‘heart’ of SPEL separators is the unique long life, low maintenance coalescer unit (filter) which ‘polishes’ the final effluent after 90% hydrocarbons of silt have been separated out.
  • Good access to all parts for desludging.
  • The Stormceptor tests at the hydraulics research establishment, HR Wallingford, achieved an average of 0.67mg/l, well within the 5mg/l required by the European Standard BS EN 858-1.
  • Tank shell designed in accordance with BS 4994/BS EN 976.
  • Filament wound shells are lightweight, but have great strength and durability and carry a 25 year warranty.
  • Life expectancy in excess of 50 year.

The range of models is listed in SPEL Stormceptor selection chart. Click the table to enlarge.

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