Surface Water – Pollution Control & Treatment
SPEL Products offer a range of products and systems to safeguard surface water outfalls from pollution. Incorporating these measures to prevent pollution is fast becoming the norm in new industrial complexes.

Removing Pollutants

A full range of fuel/oil separators are available to remove hydrocarbons. These are fitted with automatic alarms to safeguard against build-up of contained pollutants.

SPEL Products supply containment tanks to safeguard accidental spillage during the loading and offloading of chemicals.

Automatic Monitoring & Containment Systems

Automatic monitoring of surface water flows to ensure they are within consent levels. Systems to divert any such flows that are unacceptable to containment for taking off site or dilution.

SPEL Automatic Monitoring and Containment Systems recently installed include the new engine plant in Wolverhampton for Jaguar Land Rover, BAE Filton, RAF Spadeadam and others.