SPEL DrainGuard™ bund water removal unit

The SPEL DrainGuard unit removes rainwater from bunded areas using advanced technology ensuring oil/fuel is prevented from passing to the drainage system.

SPEL DrainGuard™ – FP/C

Removes water from emergency transformer oil dump tanks. The unit incorporates an anti-syphoning device to ensure hydrocarbons retained within the tank cannot, through static head pressure, pass out of the tank. The unit comes complete with control panel sealed to IP66 for external mounting, fitted with indicator lights for power on, pump running, tank level warning.

Both units can be linked to remote alarms or telemetry to ensure 24 hour surveillance.

SPEL DrainGuard unit showing sump and bund wall.
SPEL DrainGuard control unit.
SPEL DrainGuard (FP-C) flame-proof within containment tank.

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