SPEL RainSave® – Rainwater Harvesting & Utilisation Systems

The growing demand and cost of meeting strict drinking water standards is making potable water an increasingly expensive commodity. Many applications do not require potable water and providing the rainwater harvesting and utilisation system has been properly designed and evaluated, quality water can be provided and worthwhile savings in cost.

SPEL RainSave – System and attenuation

SPEL RainSave rainwater harvesting systems are being used in large commercial properties, distribution centers, schools, colleges and large retail outlets by utilising the large roof areas and harvesting the rainwater for toilets, irrigation, vehicle washes, cleaning down operations and industrial uses.

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SPEL RainSave – Rainwater harvesting and utilisation systems

Designed in relation to the British Standard BS 8515:2009.

Fully automatically controlled incorporating high quality pump/s and SPEL Tankstor filament wound GRP underground or above ground reservoir tanks designed and manufactured to BS 4994/BS EN 976.

SPEL RainSave Systems are listed under the Water Technology List (WTL) as managed by Defra and the Inland Revenue to allow businesses to write off 100% of the cost of investments in qualifying sustainable technologies and products against the taxable profits of the year of investment.


  • Tank shell designed in accordance with BS 4994/BS EN 976
  • Filament wound shells are lightweight, but have great strength and durability and carry a 25 year warranty
  • Life expectancy in excess of 50 years

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Tankstor® and Separator underground tank warranty

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