SPEL Monitoring & Containment Systems

Monitoring and control of outfalls is an area SPEL Products have advanced systems to safeguard outfalls in sensitive sites eg sites of special scientific interest – SSSI sites and/or where specific outfall discharge consent levels have to be maintained 24/7.

Safeguard surface water outfalls from pollution

It is wise and often essential to safeguard surface water outfalls from pollution especially where discharge consent limits have to be adhered to.

Where lubricants, fuels, solvents, chemicals and other potentially dangerous pollutants are stored on site it is prudent to install monitoring and automatic containment systems. For a sensible outlay it will save potentially heavy fines and clean-up costs besides damaging publicity.

SPEL DrainGuard

The SPEL DrainGuard system pumps surface water away from bunded areas or underground emergency storage tanks eg transformer oil dump tanks, but contains any particular contaminant for which it is designed to contain.

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SPEL Monitoring and Separate Containment Systems

The SPEL Monitoring and Separate Containment Systems are used in relation to sites of scientific interest (SSSI) to alert the emergency services and contain the accidental spillage. Already these systems in various forms are operating eg Magor South Wales, Jaguar Land Rover Wolverhampton, Jaguar West Bromwich, Exeter Airport and Bristol Filton Airport.

Simpler manual systems are also available on motorways eg the M6 in Scotland, the A55 North Wales and other projects.

SPEL Automatic Pollution Monitoring and Diversion Systems with containment

SPEL Accidental Spillage Containment

SPEL Products have supplied accidental chemical spillage containment tanks for many years. The SPEL Tankstor range provides underground storage capacity from 4,000 to over 300,000 litres (or multiples there of) into which flows can be diverted or a spillage safely contained.

We have also developed SPEL pollution monitoring and containment systems for situations on industrial sites where it is essential to safeguard surface water outfalls. The system can be designed to incorporate a range of options, from simple monitoring instruments which provide warnings for manual control to divert flows to a SPEL Tankstor underground tank, to fully automated systems which stand guard each minute of every day.


  • Constant 24hr surveillance of flows
  • Accurate and fast analysis
  • Automatic actuation of diverter valve to direct contaminated flow to containment


  • Industrial sites
  • Chemical storage/distribution depots
  • Refineries
  • Chemical factories

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Tankstor® and Separator underground tank warranty

We warrant our Tankstor® and Separator underground tank shells, if installed strictly in accordance with the company’s relevant installation procedure (TSII).


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