SPEL Fuel/Oil Separators

SPEL Fuel/Oil Separators treat surface water run-offs to remove hydrocarbons, trash and silt. SPEL fuel oil separators cater for a wide range of catchment areas from 200 m² up to over 55 hectares with a single unit.

Pollution Prevention Guidelines

SPEL Separators meet the Environment Agency’s Pollution Prevention Guidelines ‘Use and Design of Oil Separators in Surface Water Drainage Systems PPG 3’. These set out the standards with which separators must comply and assist in deciding on the need for a separator at a site and the size and type that is appropriate.

These pollution prevention guidelines require separators to be tested in accordance with the standard test procedure based upon the European Standard BS EN 858 – 1:2002.

SPEL Separators

Designed for high-performance and long service life between maintenance periods. This is achieved with generous retention times and the unique coalescer units which are the ‘heart’ of the separation process to remove finer globules of hydrocarbons.

The range of separators is from NS (NSB) 3 – NS (NSB) 1000.

SPEL Stormceptor by-pass Separators

Catering for car parks, motorways, busy road junctions, industrial and large commercial catchment areas that could become contaminated.

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SPEL Puraceptor full retention separators

Developed to serve forecourt areas to filling stations, goods vehicle parking, railway depots and wherever there is a high risk of pollution.

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SPEL Automatic Alarm/Monitoring Systems

Providing visual and audible warning when the level of the oil in the SPEL Separator reaches 90% of the storage volume under static liquid level conditions. This is a requirement of the Environment Agency’s Pollution Prevention Guidelines PPG3.

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SPEL Separator + Econoskim Systems

Designed for large industrial sites, railway maintenance deports, refuelling areas and fire training grounds where fuel is not only captured but transferred back to the supply tank for re-use. Manual and automatic systems are available.

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Tankstor® and Separator underground tank warranty

We warrant our Tankstor® and Separator underground tank shells, if installed strictly in accordance with the company’s relevant installation procedure (TSII).


Tested to European Standards

SPEL separators are compliant to the European Standard BS EN 858-1, the Environment Agency’s Pollution Prevention Guidelines PPG3 and the Construction Products Regulations.

Light Liquid Separator Test Performance certificates – Tests carried out at HR achieved results well within the European Standard requirements, BS EN 858-1.
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