SPEL Puraceptor® Class 1 Full Retention Separators

The SPEL Puraceptor models are designed for high performance and long service life between maintenance periods.

SPEL Puraceptor® class 1 full retention separators – single and two chamber models

The Puraceptor is available in two versions, single or two chamber, dependent upon the site application and requirements. An automatic closure device (ACD) is fitted to close off the separator when the contained oil exceeds the maximum oil storage volume.

Typical sites single chamber

Fuel storage and handling areas, filling stations, commercial vehicle/plant and contaminated industrial areas.

Typical sites two chamber

High risk fuel storage areas, filling stations, railway fuelling and maintenance depots, fire training grounds etc.

Single chamber model
Two chamber model

Wide and comprehensive range from NS 4 – 1000

  • Full retention separators treat the full flow generated by a rainfall intensity of 65mm/hour.
  • Suitable for discharging into a surface water drain.
  • The Puraceptor is available in single or two chamber versions dependent upon site application and requirements.
  • Tests carried out at the hydraulics research establishment, HR Wallingford, achieved results substantially within the maximum hydrocarbon concentration in the outlet of 5mg/l (European Standard BS EN 858-1).  Average result for all units tested was 1.22mg/l.

Features & Range

  • The ‘heart’ of SPEL separators is the unique long life, low maintainence coalescer unit (filter) which ‘polishes’ the final effluent after 90% hydrocarbons of silt have been separated out.
  • Good access to all parts for desludging.
  • Automatic closure device (ACD) closes the separator off automatically once the maximum storage capacity of light liquid pollutants is reached, eg. major fuel spillage, so preventing them passing into the drain.
  • Tank shell designed in accordance with BS 4994/BS EN 976.
  • Filament wound shells are lightweight, but have great strength and durability and carry a 25 year warranty.
  • Life expectancy in excess of 50 years.

The range of models is listed in SPEL Puraceptor selection chart. Click the tables to enlarge.

Download Single Chamber Model List (PDF)
Download Two Chamber Model List (PDF)
Single chamber model range
Two chamber model range

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