SPEL Tankstor® Above Ground Tanks

SPEL Tankstor® Above Ground tank systems are available in both horizontal and vertical format and are suitable for a number of applications including temporary fluid storage. These tanks are designed and built to a dedicated specification for above ground applications, referenced to the British Standard BS EN 13121, and also benefit from the SPEL 25 Year Warranty. SPEL Tankstor® H Series Horizontal Tanks are available in the full range of sizes and rely on a simple cradle system for structural and location stability. The V Series Vertical Tanks are available in three diameters; 1.8, 2.6 & 4m and are delivered with flat bases and galvanised steel hold-down brackets for stability. All SPEL Above Ground Tank Systems can be supplied with galvanised steel access ladders and platforms to ensure safe access and maintenance. Secondary Containment by means of a second GRP skin is available to eliminate storage bunds subject to design criteria.  

SPEL manufacture both Horizontal and Vertical Above Ground Tanks for many applications. Check out the Horizontal and Vertical Above Ground Tank tabs above for more information.

Product Range

H Series | Horizontal Tanks


200 Series

(1.2m inside diameter):

1,000 – 10,000L capacity


300 Series

(1.8m inside diameter):

4,000 – 40,000L capacity


400 Series

(2.6m inside diameter):

13,650 – 100,000L capacity


500 Series

(3.5m inside diameter):

60,000 – 200,000L capacity


600 Series

(4.0m inside diameter):

100,000 – 300,000L capacity


V Series | Vertical Tanks


300 Series

(1.8m inside diameter):

8,000 – 10,000L capacity


400 Series

(2.6m inside diameter):

15,000 – 40,000L capacity


600 Series

(4m inside diameter):

50,000 – 150,000L capacity


  • Stormwater attenuation
  • Fire fighting sprinkler reservoirs
  • Potable water storage
  • Septic/settlement tanks
  • Cesspools
  • Silage effluent holding tanks
  • SPEL RainSave rainwater reservoirs
  • Chemical dosing tanks
  • Temporary fluid storage

Shell Design

Designed with reference to BS EN 13121. All tank shells carry the SPEL 25 Year Warranty and life expectancy in excess of 50 years.


Detailed tank shell specification covers all above ground tanks.

Single skin or double skin units available with above ground tanks. Doubleskin provides secondary containment (bunded).

SPEL Tanks can be supplied colour pigmented to four standard colours:


Dark Green

Dove Grey


SPEL Horizontal Above Ground Tanks have multiple applications, including; temporary or permanent installation, attenuation (hybrid/smart rainwater systems), chemical storage, silage leachate. Our Horizontal Above Ground Tanks are available in our full range of Tankstor sizes, to see the sizes available, click here. – need a link taking to the Tankstor sizing chart

SPEL are increasingly supplying above ground tanks where below ground installation is costly and/or complex or surface area is not at a premium. This is particularly applicable where the ground is contaminated or unstable, or where the application is temporary.

Horizontal SPEL Tankstor® tanks are mounted on adjustable galvanised steel cradles fixed to a suitable preformed concrete slab designed for the required loadings. In addition to the cradles manway access and maintenance platforms are bespoke designed to meet site requirements.

Secondary bunding is required on many fluid storage applications and the SPEL Double Skin system provides this as an integral part of the tank when required. This can be further enhanced by the SPEL cavity monitoring system which detects pressure and/or fluid changes activating an alarm when this is detected.

All SPEL Above Ground tanks have the additional option of the 3 internal laminate specifications; General Purpose (GP), Chemical Resistant (CR), and Highly Chemical Resistant (HCR), these allow for storage of a range of aggressive chemicals/fluids at a range of temperatures. For more information on laminate specifications, see Page 3.13.

SPEL Tankstor® vertical above ground tanks provide efficient fluid storage where limited space is available. The system requires a suitable concrete base slab (designed to support the maximum load), the tank(s) are then positioned and bolted to the base slab via the galvanised steel anchor points, this gives excellent stability.

As with the horizontal system, the V Series tanks can have access platforms, ladders and low level service hatches to make for safe and efficient maintenance. 

Gross Tank Capacity300 Series400 Series600 Series
 1.8m Inside dia.2.6m Inside dia.4.0m Inside dia.
LitresHeight in mm c/w Dome TopHeight in mm c/w Dome TopHeight in mm c/w Dome Top
15,000 3,200 
20,000 4,600 
25,000 5,500 
30,000 6,400 
35,000 7,300 
40,000 8,300 
50,000  5,000
60,000  5,700
70,000  6,500
80,000  7,200
90,000  8,000
100,000  9,000
110,000  9,800
120,000  10,600
130,000  11,400
140,000  12,200
150,000  13,000

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