Rainwater Harvesting With SPEL RainSave

Rainwater harvesting is simply the collection of rainwater from cleaner surfaces to then be stored for reuse.


When it rains, water runs off roof areas, into a drain, and away underground and we tend to forget that it has to go somewhere and meet up with all the other rain coming down the pipes. As we know, too much water and it floods, but you may not know that flooding causes around £750m worth of damage each year in the UK.


Every drop that we can store and reuse is a drop less that could reduce flooding so let’s make a start… First, we need to look at where we can use water that would otherwise come from the tap and cost us money, such as irrigation, toilet flushing, Car/Plant Washing etc. Did you know that a typical garden sprinkler uses around 1,100 litres per hour?


The concept is simple, intercept one or more of the downpipes from your home or work premises and direct this to a water butt or tank, from here you can pipe or pump it to provide almost free water and help the environment. This can start from a simple home kit to a fully integrated tank with pre-filtration and a water treatment system, the water can then be pumped and used for toilet flushing in homes and schools, watering lawns and gardens, feeding livestock, washing cars and plants etc.


The use of harvested or non-potable (non-drinking) water has recently increased as the cost of water has risen and we have become more concerned about our environment.


Rainwater Harvesting in Sustainable Urban Drainage (SuDS)


Water reuse is at the top of the SuDS hierarchy meaning it will become more important as the planning authorities insist on good SuDS being included in all new developments; this will be endorsed with DEFRA promising to enact Schedule 3 of the 2010 Flood and Water Management Act in 2024.


Lead Local Flood Authorities (LLFAs) are gearing up for Schedule 3 with planning applications being checked for the inclusion of more robust SuDS design and compliance across the 4 Pillars, making Rainwater Harvesting more important than ever.


If every family in the UK harvested 1 litre of rainwater per week, it would save over 1 billion litres of water every year, it could be a lot more if we get businesses, schools, and transport systems to do the same.


SPEL has a class-leading range of SuDS products including the SPEL RainSave Rainwater Harvesting System, contact us on or 01743 445200.


Did you know that the shortage of clean water is a bigger threat to humanity than Climate Change, without clean water we cannot survive – so start saving it now to help the planet and future generations!!

Clean water is a right, not a Privilege (Andy Hornbuckle – CEO, SPEL Australia)


Why SPEL RainSave?


All SPEL RainSave tanks are covered by The SPEL 25-Year Warranty, with a life expectancy of 50+ years. RainSave, as one of our SuDS products, is essential in our fight for clean water, and the ultimate protection and conservation of animal habitats and waterways.

  • Lowering local flood risk.
  • Water and energy conservation.
  • Cost saving.
  • Decreased demand for mains-supplied water.
  • Ensuring a sustainable water supply
  • A SuDS system used by many SuDS Engineers all over the country.



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