SPEL, Proud Supporters Of susdrain (SuDS)

Created by CIRIA, susdrain are an independent and authoritative platform for those involved in delivering sustainable drainage (SuDS).


With the demand for SuDS now greater than ever before, susdrain provides essential guidance and information to help underpin the planning, design, approval, construction, and maintenance of SuDS.


We’re pleased to be supporting a community that has a passion for SuDS, where the environment is at the forefront, and water quality solutions are delivered. The promotion of knowledge around SuDS is essential in working towards safer, more sustainable sites.


A full list of SuDS-certified products is available here.  For more on susdrain, click here.

To learn more about SuDS and what our products can do for your next project, get in touch to book a CPD, available in-person or virtually. Contact: for more information.



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