Off-site built and tested, SPEL Packaged Pumping Stations are the most efficient and economical solution for both the client and the contractor. With all pipework, valves, pedestals, guide rails and controls factory fitted and tested, the completed chamber only requires simple installation and final commissioning.

SPEL products have been supplying packaged pumping stations for over 50 years and now deliver class leading systems that combine durability and the latest technology.

The pumping chambers can be in vertical format (‘V’ Series) or horizontal format (‘H’ Series) with capacities up to 300,000 litres in a single unit. They are sealed ‘one piece’ chambers with the ability to incorporate valve systems internally or as a stand alone valve chamber. These can be designed to meet adoptable standards.

SPEL Packaged Pumping Stations (PPS) include high quality liner options that make them resilient, even when dealing with aggressive substances such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S), where concrete chambers deteriorate within 8-10 years, clients can be reassured with the SPEL 25 Year Tank Shell Warranty and 50 year life expectancy for all SPEL GRP tanks.

The bespoke design capacity can incorporate all pumps, valves, pump pedestals, guide rails, and UPVC pressure pipe or stainless steel pipework. All SPEL PPS systems are off-site built and tested prior to dispatch, commissioning is carried out once installed, cutting out expensive site work and ‘confined space’ entry.

SPEL pumping chambers are manufactured in GRP by the filament winding process, are lightweight, immensely strong, corrosion resistant and self-cleaning.