Scottish Water

SPEL Products have been a Kit Framework Supplier for primary settlement and septic tank to Scottish Water since 2007. The Company has also been working closely with the Scottish Water appointed consultants and contractors for many years building up a trust and support that has continued until the current time.


Improvements in the design and performance of the septic tanks includes the feature of benching to improve flow characteristics, Bauer sludge removal pipes and fittings and adjustable invert level outlet connections for multiple tank installations.


SPEL Have Provided The Following

  1. SPEL Primary Settlement/Septic tanks
  2. SPEL Spillage Containment tanks
  3. SPEL ‘H’ Series Package Pumping Stations


More Information

SPEL CR Chemical Holding tanks
SPEL Chemical Containment/Holding Tanks are supplied with specifications to suit the chemicals present. Both CR, chemical resistant with isophthalic based resins and HCR, highly chemical resistant with vinyl ester resins, are available to suit conditions.


SPEL ‘H’ Series Package Pumping Stations
SPEL ‘H’ series Package Pumping Stations have also have been supplied; at Fortrose and Rosemarkie WWTW in Ross-shire are examples.


These SPEL Package Pumping Stations are available for Sewers for Adoption schemes and are WRc approved in sizes up to 300m cube in a single unit. The advantages of factory built off-site is providing substantial savings e.g. factory fitted complete with tested pipe work, valves and associated pump stools eliminating the expensive ‘confined space’ site work. Control panels pumps and commissioning can also be provided.



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