This is the world’s first industrial-sized offshore wind farm capable of generating up to 630 megawatts (MW) of power which is on a level with many conventional power stations.The location, in the Outer Thames estuary, was chosen for high winds, a range of workable water depths, ground conditions, nearby ports to enable construction, operation, and maintenance, a readily accessible high-voltage network connection and the fact that the local electricity demand is the U.K.’s highest.

The offshore turbines connect to the onshore Cleve Hill substation via undersea cables and then the electricity is fed directly into the existing 400 kV National Grid transmission network.

SPEL Products provided:

SPEL Tankstor® 250,000 litre transformer oil dump tank with SPEL DrainGuard system to remove bund collected rainwater. SPEL Puraceptor® Class 1 (two chamber) separator (NGC specification).

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