Firefighting Foam & Groundwater – Risks & Preventions

Fires involving petroleum and other flammable liquids are often extinguished with aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF).


During the last few years, foams have been developed and improved to reduce the amount of environmental impact caused. However, there continues to be concerns over the detrimental effects that the water and foam cause to the waterways. Locations where these foams are used range from firefighter training facilities, airports and airfields, flammable/hazardous warehouses and hazardous waste storage facilities.


It is in the best interest to collect the foam solution after use. The foam itself is highly likely to be contaminated with fuel or other flammable substances that were involved in the fire. Containment strategies should be employed. Once the foam/water solution is contained in suitable storage, it can be removed by a hazardous materials clean-up contractor.


SPEL have provided numerous tanks fit for this exact purpose. Sites include Gatwick Airport and RAF Lakenheath where several SPEL Tankstor tanks have been delivered to protect our waterways from potential pollution.


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