Tank Delivery To Frankfurt

Six 600 Series SPEL Tankstor tanks were recently delivered to Frankfurt, Germany.


A brief stop at Hoek van Holland dock followed by a further journey to site in Frankfurt. Now, more than a million litres of cooling water are available for use by a large scale data centre.


SPEL provided these tanks along with large submersible supply pumps and bespoke control panels designed to integrate with the client’s systems. Each 26kW Grundfos pump can deliver 17 litres/sec at 9 bar pressure.


Of course, all were accredited with our WRc approved with a 30 year structural shell warranty.


SPEL Tankstor tanks are manufactured for many applications, in a wide range of specifications, to handle a variety of substances such as water, wastewater and process water as well as chemicals. We are committed to meeting the future demands of the water industry via our state-of-the-art production facility, building quality solutions for delivery across the UK, Europe and globally.


If you are interested in our Tankstor range or any of our other products, we would love to hear from you.



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